Project Description

Peabody Trout Creek Reservoir LLC (PTCR) is applying for a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hydropower license for a proposed multi-purpose water storage project in Routt County, Colorado. The Peabody Trout Creek Reservoir Project (Project) will be privately developed as a 400-acre lake with enhanced wildlife habitat. The Project includes a proposed dam and reservoir on Trout Creek, a tributary to the Yampa River, at a location approximately 15 miles southwest of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Water stored in the reservoir will be used to (1) annually generate 750 to 900 megawatt hours of hydropower; (2) provide a long-term supply of water for Peabody Energy's future Colorado mining activities; and (3) support potential long-term development of residential property that would offer a new water resource for fishing or boating.

Peabody has a decreed water storage right with an appropriation date of July 8, 1977 and an originally decreed amount of 30,000 acre-feet (AF). As modified by the Water Court decree dated January 1, 2012 (granting a finding of reasonable diligence), the storage right has been reduced to 15,000 AF, with a right to refill continuously up to an additional 15,000 AF when water is available in priority. The decree includes a 100-foot-high dam with 2,100-foot dam length and the water right is approved for various uses including irrigation, fish propagation, domestic, industrial, commercial, mineral processing, suppression of fugitive dust, electrical generation, fire prevention, stock watering, exchange, substitution, replacement, and augmentation.

Peabody's operations inject hundreds of millions of dollars into the region each year, and the company continues long-term investments in the state that drive economic growth. Peabody creates more than 350 jobs and injects $790 million into the regional economy.